Advanced On-Page SEO Tips

Discover advanced on-page SEO tips essential to getting an edge over the competition with Search Hustle.

Advanced On Page SEO Tips

It is vital to understand and employ search engine optimization (SEO) the proper way if you want to hold or increase search traffic to a website.

About 40% of website traffic starts with a search query. That’s why knowing how to utilize SEO is so important. Google’s algorithms are always being updated multiple times a month, making it essential to stay up-to-date on the latest changes.

What does that mean for you? That means digging deeper into the more advanced strategies of SEO. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know more than just the basics of keyword research.

Once you start to utilize more advanced on-page SEO tips, you’ll have a better chance of ranking in the top spot on the first page of Google’s search results. When a website ranks in the top spot, that leads to higher traffic, more conversions, and hopefully increased revenue.

Here are seven advanced on-page SEO techniques that you can implement on your website right now:

Search Hustle Perform an SEO Audit

1. Perform an SEO Audit

By auditing a website, you can figure out why search traffic and web leads might be lower than you’d like. An SEO audit can help inspect overall site performance, then help to create goals and utilize tactics that will help to achieve those goals.

Before you begin the SEO audit of the website, have a checklist on hand. The checklist should include aspects like:

This is far from an exhaustive list of what a site audit should analyze. To ensure the audit is done well and catches all errors and areas in need of improvement, be sure to utilize the services of an SEO professional.

Search Hustle Create Optimized Pages

2. Create Optimized Landing Pages

It should go without saying, but the more organically purposeful pages a website has, the more search traffic you’ll get and then hopefully conversions as well. It’s imperative to ensure the landing pages are well-designed and optimized. By using the proper keyword research, evergreen techniques, and testing you can boost the conversion rate by 300% or more.

Many businesses use a call to action (CTA) in organic content or paid ads that leads to a designated webpage. While the homepage is important, we don’t want most CTAs to be directing clicks there if the hope is converting them into leads. Ads, social media, and other referrers should be directing traffic to a squeeze page.

There are a few qualities that a good landing/funnel page (Squeeze page) should include:

A landing page’s primary purpose is to convert visitors into leads. In order for the landing page to earn those visitors, though, you need to make sure to provide opportunities for people to actually get to these landing pages (paid or referral). From there, make sure the content uses mental triggers, is built to convert, and is well-written.

Search Hustle Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency

3. Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency

This doesn’t actually refer to keyword density. Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF) gives a measurement of importance by comparing the number of times a keyword appears against expectations. 

What we try to do with term frequency is to make sure the main keyword, keyword variances, and keyword cloud have ample representation on the page, but not to the point where readability suffers.

Search Hustle Synonyms of Keywords

4. Synonyms of Keywords

Google’s algorithm is always changing and the AI is continually learning and becoming smarter. When a user types a query into the search box, Google does its best to determine what the searcher actually means (searcher intent) and deliver the most relevant results. That’s why synonyms to keywords are so important.

Instead of sticking to a single strict keyword on a page, sprinkle in variants and synonyms of the term as secondary keywords. By doing this, Google will be able to better determine the context of the page’s content.

Look at “plant” and “factory”. These two terms can either mean the same thing and be referring to a manufacturing site, or be referring to vegetation and a manufacturing site respectively. By sprinkling in synonyms of the keyword, you add context and deeper semantic meaning to the topic.

Search Hustle Term Frequency Create Long Form Content

Create Long-Form Content

Backlinko conducted a study and found that the majority of top-ranking posts had at least 1,447 words.

Research has repeatedly shown that pages with a higher word count tend to do better than short posts of around 500 words. While long-form content isn’t a guarantee of landing in the number one position in the SERPs, it does improve your ranking factor.

However, that doesn’t mean the long-form post can offer low-quality content. The post must still offer relevant information and be written well. The key is to cover one topic in-depth and detail every related part to that topic so that the entire post is valuable.

Search Hustle Page Segmentation

Page Segmentation

The placement of words on a site page is important. Certain key elements comprise every web page, such as headers, footers, meta titles, internal links, sidebars, etc.

According to Google, content in the main body of a post is one of the most important sections. This is also where HTML carries more weight.

Page segmentation continues to grow more important with Google’s shift toward mobile-first indexing. Many developers hide portions of the website on mobile devices that contribute heavily to the SEO value of those pages; this can be a huge mistake. Since search engines want to give users the best possible experience and show the portion of the page that has the important content, this is the area that should be focused on. You can use HTML5 to better define sections of a webpage.

Search Hustle Voice Search

Voice Search

As mobile devices become a primary means by which people interact with search engines, so too does voice search grow in importance. One of the best ways to optimize content for voice search is by creating FAQ pages.

There are many factors that go into optimizing content to better appeal to voice search. However, since most voice searches have a tendency to be longer, question-based queries, it makes sense that a FAQ would be the ideal format for appealing to voice search.

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Advanced On-Page SEO

As we’ve said, Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and growing more complex. Search engines are always striving to find ways to offer the best possible user experience and answer users’ queries with the most relevant information out there. 

Given how crowded the internet space is, there’s more competition than ever to rank in the top position of the search results. However, if you implement the advanced on-page SEO tips mentioned in this article, you’ll already be ahead of most of your competition and have an improved chance at claiming the number one seat in the search engine results pages.

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