Avatars for three buyer personas you can make with HubSpot's Make My Persona tool

Customer Buyer Persona Builder

Create a unique buyer persona model that your company can use to reach its clients better.

Why is this important?

Start by choosing a name to humanize your buyer persona. Both the name and the avatar you select will help you start thinking about this persona like a real person. Pro tip: Consider naming your buyer persona with their industry in mind to make it easier to remember, like Marketing Mary or Finance Fred

Step 1/7: Create Your Avatar

Step 2/7: Their Demographic Traits

Step 3/7: Their Business

Step 4/7: Their Career

Step 5/7: The Characteristics of Their Job

Step 6/7: How They Work

Text Message
Social Media

Step 7/7: Their Consumption Habits

Make My Persona Overview

Color Scheme
Generating Your PDF
, Your Persona is Ready

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