Fundamentals of Websites

Search Hustle will teach you the fundamentals of maintaining a digital marketing-friendly website.

Search Hustle Fundamentals of Websites

The entire purpose of digital marketing is to increase traffic to your website and digital footprint. While we monitor our progress using a variety of metrics and jargon to measure and describe our success, the thing that matters in the end is convertible traffic. The only way to generate that traffic is to have solid, well acted on fundamentals. 

Your adherence to the website fundamentals of digital marketing will have the single largest impact on your success. Never forget, no matter how large your operation gets, or how complicated your work becomes, that it is still all about the fundamentals.

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Focus on Website SEO

Any beginning marketer knows that website fundamentals begin with technical SEO. The crawlability of your page and the structured data there help the search engine better understand your relevance. Appealing to the search engine and being easy to use for your customers will make or break a web presence.

Optimization is a never ending process that can’t be ignored. As your website, content, internal linking and link graph change over time, the fundamentals of website SEO will keep your digital presence nimble and accessible. The cornerstone of any digital presence is the ability for customers to find your website and use it effectively.

Social Media Marketing

When we talk about social media marketing we are talking about engagement with large numbers of potential customers. This interaction is done for the purpose of expanding your brand and getting those potential customers to become purchasers of your products and services. Social media marketing thus becomes a critical fundamental of outreach. 


Your website and social media persona have to match up and work together. This synergy is important because without it you will destroy the humanizing impact your social media presence should have. Don’t allow your website to undermine your other work, social media must fundamentally drive the growth of traffic.

Search Engine Listing

In most cases, SERP positioning matters and the website should be built to have upward momentum. This goes along with the technical SEO but begins the traditional SEO. It is about being the best, most valuable solution to match the searchers intent. The crucial placement of your website on a results page relies on this. 

Mobile optimization is also important, as the listings for mobile users are different than for standard desktop users. A website fundamental of SEO is to build your entire content strategy to provide clients with value and in turn it will boost your search engine positioning.


Your website and brand are codependent entities. Your brand can’t survive on its own, and your website can come across purposeless if you don’t have an effective, worthy brand. The brand is what draws people to the website, where they become traffic and then customers of your business. 

It is important that this connection is apparent and fluid. It has to be a natural coexistence, that doesn’t jar the user. Constant promotion of your brand and its values has to be present throughout the website as well, don’t lose the thread that binds your customers to you.

funamentals of the digital footprint


It should be a habit, an inseparable fundamental to include backlinks as often as possible. Being connected to directories and other pages is fundamental to becoming a web resource. The wider and broader your backlinks are, the more fundamentally topical and authoritative your website will be. 

Not only does this work in an SEO context, but the presence of your footprint will draw others to you. You can be a source that is called upon and looked to for information and consideration at all times. People will find you without ever having known or looking for you, through backlinks.

Quality Content

No SEO strategy can save a website that has poor quality content. Content is the king of what makes your website functional and will be what makes you an industry leader. Your content is like your DNA, spreading out from a central source in a web that brings connection and shared interests together. 

The more quality content you have, the more likely your website is to be seen. When interacting with your content, the quality of it will determine whether or not a reader becomes a customer. The direct, fundamental impact of quality content can’t be overstated. 

Make sure that your website is designed in such a way that highlights the structure and topical authority of your content. Don’t let the content be something that lurks in the background, let content lead the way. If knowledge is light in the darkness, then the content is the light that shines through the web.

Use Google Local Business

Search phrases that end with “near me” are constantly growing in popularity. People want to know about what resources and services are close to them that they can access. If your business relies on local customers, then connecting your online presence to the brick and mortar or service area presence you have is essential. 

Google My Business is an excellent directory that can tie to your website and really become an extension of your website. People who find out that you are near them will many times check out your website. As long as you have kept your website fundamentals in place, they will then be drawn into the experience of your brand and content.

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Fundamentals Affect Everything

All aspects of your fundamentals should be symbiotic. They must work and reinforce each other, that way you create a thriving marketing domain that doesn’t just exist separately. This is not a single day project, running a marketing friendly website is a never ending task. 

Throughout all the new approaches and tricks that you learn, remember to always lean on the fundamentals. Through various shifts, these core areas have remained the most important and intrinsic part of any website.

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