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Creating a buyer persona can lead to knowing an ideal target audience better. Knowing your audience will help determine the right types of the marketing campaign to utilize. This will help develop effective, targeted content that speaks directly to consumers and the problems they face. Solving their problems will help create brand loyalty and repeat business.

Search Hustle Buyer Persona

Why do I need to create a buyer persona?

A high-quality marketing campaign has to include a buyer persona because it represents a target audience. A buyer persona is a fictional person that represents a company’s ideal customers, and researching their wants and needs is critical to a campaign’s effectiveness. Once you have a clear picture of who you are trying to reach, it is much easier to create an effective plan about how, where, and when to reach them. Build your buyer personas at 

Search Hustle Research Buyer Personas

Research buyer personas

In developing a buyer persona, you create a story around the people most interested in your product or service. To be more effective, you must know as much about them as possible to provide personalized service, relevant content, and helpful information. Also, find out who is buying from you currently, which will help determine what type of person will buy in the future. 

Checking in on the competition is also a way to find out who is buying products similar to your own. If a competitor has market share in a certain part of the market, find out what led to its success. 

Search Hustle Dont Forget Analytics

Don’t forget about your own analytics

By looking at your website analytics, social media ads, and pay-per-click ads, you can get an amazing picture of your own successes and failures. When looking through these reports, pay attention to the demographics and focus on what pages visitors use the most.

Search Hustle Multiple Types of Buyer Personas

Several different buyer personas are common

Most companies offer several different products or services, and each product might be attached to a different buyer persona. Once the research is complete, it can be determined how many buyer personas are needed; this is usually between two and four for SMBs.

It isn’t necessary to create and segment every buyer persona immediately. At first, try creating one and see how it works. A buyer persona can be added to or changed anytime if more information about your audience or industry is uncovered. 

Search Hustle Roles Goals and Challenges

Roles, Goals, and Challenges

Roles: Once you have a well-researched buyer persona, it is important to know that person’s role professionally and outside of work. Job title, job description, marital status, and parental status are all relevant roles that can be used in this strategy. Are they a boss, employee, or volunteer? 

Goals: One of the main goals with a buyer persona is understanding what your buyer wants, and that can determine which strategy to use that will be the most effective in reaching them. Take the goals you’ve uncovered in your research, and apply them to the persona. Knowing and understanding a buyer’s goals is crucial in creating an effective marketing strategy. 

Challenges: Finding and pinpointing a buyer’s challenges is just as important as knowing their goals. Pain points need to be identified quickly, and a solution needs to follow. 

When you know what a buyer does, and their roles in their life and business, content & collateral can be created that speaks to those roles.

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