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Search Hustle Creating and Curating

In order to generate quality content, you will have to bring together information and research. Focus the efforts on a particular topic or area of interest. Then, select and organize this information in order to curate the content that is being created into a collection.

What is content creation and cruration

What Is Content Creation?

Content creation is the act of generating relevant, useful content which can be distributed. Content creation in marketing focuses on creating content in the digital medium for users/customers with specific context in mind, such as creating additional customers.
You will have to generate ideas and topics which can be related to your target audience and then relayed to them via text or visual mediums. This includes things like blogging, videos, or even infographics which can be used to relay this information in a clear, concise, and appealing way.

Why Is Content Important?

There are several reasons why content is important. You want to inform your audience, perhaps even expand their knowledge about a topic in order to make your product or service more valuable and understood to them. It helps communicate your message, and shows them the quality of the products or services being brought to their attention.

Content promotion

Content promotion is a vital step in getting your information out to potential customers. Pay-per-click advertisement, blog posting, social media sharing, email marketing to our lists, even using influencers are all part of the process of promoting the content. Let’s break down some of the most popular forms of content promotion currently available.

Social media

Social media is the king of marketing, and promoting high-quality, shareable information on social media will expand your reach like nothing else. Post regularly on your profiles, get potential customers used to seeing your posts and trusting the information that you provide within them. 

Social media content is vital to attracting future customers or followers. The larger your reach gets, the more people will see what you post. If you generate content that is of sufficient quality and relatability, it will even begin to be shared organically amongst your followers and customers.

Depending on which social media platform you are using, your content will vary somewhat. More visual platforms require a lot of pictures and even videos. Traditional social media, like Twitter and Facebook, are much more reliant on generating text content that can be read, though videos, pictures, and polls are all vital tools.

Email marketing

By building up a pool of available emails, it allows content and products to be promoted to a captive audience. It is important to have taglines that capture the attention of readers and draw them to websites to increase the visits, clicks and distribution of your content. 

Leveraging emails in this fashion has several advantages. Often here you are distributing content to those who are already customers. They may want to know more, or be more connected to your efforts, in which case they are likely to click links and build up the credibility of your content as well.

Paid promotion

Paid promotions can spread the message and content generated far beyond your usual reach. It is paying others to feature products or commercial-like messages and content to their own platform and audience. Choose respected content creators and the content will reach motivated and eager potential customers. 

Depending on what platform you use, this is also where influencers come in. If using a platform such as YouTube, try to find content creators that share certain overlapping interests with your customer base. Analytics off of paid promotions can be extremely useful in determining whether or not your message is resonating via click-through rates, bounces rates, leads, and sales.


Syndication in marketing can expand your reach considerably. What it means is to provide a license or provide a right to broadcast or display content across multiple platforms and websites. Syndication can be done with almost anything, from blog posts to videos.  

Proper syndication works to provide good, free content to a third party, while also expanding your reach. That third party will then distribute the materials to potential customers who can click links or work through other means to find products and services.

Benefits of curating

Benefits of Content Curation

If information and content is properly curated it will be presented in a thoughtful and organized manner. Curation of content that is generated for a business or company is also done in order to better service the goal of reaching customers and potential customers.

Fill gaps in your content calendar

One thing that can put a big damper on any digital marketing is a lack of content. As long as the content is valuable and relevant there shouldn’t be any gaps in distribution. Make sure that a content calendar is kept that shows where and what is being distributed. If there are any gaps, generate more topics and content that can fill them.

Provide value to your followers

The information in the content that is generated needs to be topical, relevant and factually correct. This provides knowledge and understanding which can benefit customers and followers. It is not enough to simply talk about a topic or product, instead give followers knowledge that will help them make better decisions.

Establish yourself as an industry leader

Creating content on a regular basis that is topical and authoritative can promote a business to millions of readers and potential customers. Whatever the industry is, a business that provides valuable content to their customers will rise in both the marketplace and customer appreciation.

Becoming a thought leader and industry leader means that content is distributed that benefits anyone interested in the field or topic of that content. It takes the content beyond simple marketing and your company into a noticeable and valuable position.

Being in the position of an industry leader comes with many benefits. Not only will content generated be taken seriously, but products and services can be more valuable. The industry leader is often in a position of strength and can charge more for what they produce.

Build your network

Properly curated content can expand the reach of a business. With an organized, thoughtful approach it can reach those who wouldn’t even normally be interested in the products or services you provide. Using paid promotion and syndication can expand this reach even further. 

The larger the network of contacts and platforms, the more eyes will be on the content. Curating content into a digestible, topical collection makes it easy for people to want to read more, to connect more.

Know Your Audience

In order to provide beneficial, valuable content you have to know who is being reached by your content. The audience that consumes the content is vital to proper organization and distribution of that content. The more technical and advanced the subject matter, the more niche the audience will be.

If the audience of your content is a lay person, or a basic consumer, then there isn’t much need for a technical document which would only bore or confuse them. If the niche is a highly advanced medical field, for instance, the type of content should be more authoritative and technical, basic knowledge isn’t necessary.

Add Your Own Take

It is never enough to simply regurgitate facts to make content. There needs to be a personal touch that makes a piece of content something worth sharing and that relates back to the creator. This takes place in the messaging, the style it is written in, and even the information that is shared. 

Make the content that is generated for the business personalized. The more humanized and recognizable the content is, the more enjoyable and easy to read it will be for readers to enjoy. This also helps to add authority and thought leadership. It is also important to avoid potential plagiarism or anything that could weaken the credibility of the content.

Fact Check Before Sharing

One thing that can not happen is sharing incorrect or untrustworthy information or even opinions. Do not, under any circumstances, fail to fact check and proof the content that is being distributed. Ruining the credibility of even one piece of content can ruin the entire perception of all content that is being shared. 

A great benefit of the digital age is the availability of information. This also makes it very easy to check the information that is being received. If incorrect or false information is distributed it will be noticed and it will be mentioned. Do not think that incorrect information will go unnoticed.

schedule in advance

Schedule Curated Posts in Advance​

A regular schedule for posting content can build up readership and anticipation. If customers or followers know when you release content, they are more likely to be waiting for it. Have an open, easy-to-understand schedule for all the content that you have curated.

Curated Content Benefits Consumers and Business

If properly curated and distributed, content marketing is among the best and high return marketing strategies available. Establish the brand or business as an industry leader while also reaching out to innumerable customers. Good content can make a business, and poorly executed content can relegate it to obscurity.

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