Quality Content

Quality content includes grammar, punctuation, spelling, and correct information, however, it also matters if Google likes it or not. Quality content hopefully is reflected in better SERP positioning and Google decides to share it more often.

Quality Content

What is quality content?

In digital marketing, quality content is content that people want or need because it is informative, entertaining, or authoritative. The content provides real answers to people’s questions, and the information can be shared, liked, or quoted, giving a website perceived or measurable “authority” on the subject.

Process of Creation

How do I create quality content?

Know your audience: it might sound like a broken record, but knowing your audience is key. This is a crucial first step in providing quality content, and it is a way to connect with a specific audience. Knowing your audience jumpstarts the process of an effective content strategy.

Focus on the customer: Blogs are not usually BOFU. A typical blog is informational and they answer additional questions which can generate interest in your company, products, or services. Use the content to connect and not to sell. 

Speak in their language: When you connect with a potential customer on social media, examine how they talk and what keywords they use. Don’t be afraid to check forums or social media group pages to see what questions people are asking. When you know how they speak and what words they use, it will be easy to connect with them. This can be translated into providing quality content on your website and social media pages.

Content Quality Considerations For SEO
Use Long Tail Keywords

What are the challenges of creating quality content?

Quality is subjective: When it comes to information, quality can be subjective. What some people consider relevant information might not be relevant to others. An important part of your content strategy has to involve defining what “quality” means to your audience, and it will vary from audience to audience.

Can conflict with profit goals: Blog content doesn’t necessarily sell products. They are informative and describe products and why you need them. The type of content used in a blog might differ from what is used to actually sell a product. Even if this is the case, the conflict with profit goals is easy to overcome. 

Quality implies trust: Google looks to see what is being shared by users and tends to give that content more credibility. Google shares stuff that other people are sharing. They see that as quality content and each time someone shares it, Google knows. From now on, while you’re focusing on the quality of the content, be sure to put as much energy into building trust too.

Bigger investment: Content can include pictures, graphics, and copy. Most companies understand that you have to spend money to make money by investing in quality writers and graphic artists.

Fix Keyword Cannibalization

Create quality content regularly

Quality implies trust and consistency builds trust. By producing quality content on a regular basis, the more searches you can rank for. It is important to set a schedule for fresh content that can easily be managed. Go the extra mile with your content by thinking outside of the box and being more creative, within reason.

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