Data-driven Audience and Campaign Insights

The great benefit of social media is the ability to target groups of customers and predict their behaviors. Data-driven audiences and campaigns find customers with an interest in brands and products by using their interests, search history, and interactions to better streamline the process.

Data driven Audience and Campaign Insights

Social Data

Social data is an analysis of data-driven interactions that people make. Whether you are trying to understand overall human behavior or tell a better story that connects to people, social data is a key component of that. Social data is basically how people behave and interact in social contexts.

Data-driven Audience and Campaign Insights

Social media networks: tweets, posts, favorites, likes, etc.

Social data analysis draws information from social media networks. A powerful marketing tool, this allows you to target advertisements and activities to groups of people who display certain characteristics that make them more likely to be customers in the future. 

This is done by analyzing what type of posts they make, or tweets they interact with. Data is also drawn from what people mark as their favorites, or where and why they hit the like button on a particular video or post.

In order to tailor advertisements and outreach, keyword analysis shows what words people use to look for items and services. Hashtags are another great way to do this, as Twitter is famous for having hashtags create entire communities of like-minded individuals. 

Discovering what keywords are being used and what hashtags are performing well, can help to isolate and identify groups that would be interested in products and services. Brands doing this effectively bypass a lot of wasted effort, being able to focus more directly on those they want as customers.

social data analysis

Long-form publishing platforms: blogs, wikis, Yelp, etc.

Blogs and wikis that target a specific audience allow content to be delivered to those who are directly interested in products and services. It is also possible to reach new audiences or to analyze directly what certain audiences are looking for and how they perceive brands, products, and services.

Public multimedia content sharing platforms: YouTube, Flickr, etc.

A lot of information can be learned by analysis of multi-media content sharing. This is particularly useful with platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. These platforms rely on multimedia, not on large text posts in order to reach their audience. What type of videos and aesthetics customers are searching for can give a brand a great advantage in reaching them.

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