10 Tips to Write an Effective Email Subject Line

10 Tips to Write a Subject Line

It’s not uncommon for someone to receive hundreds of emails a day, depending on what they’ve subscribed to or how much they communicate electronically. Sifting through those numerous emails to decide which ones to open can be a time-consuming mess, and one of the determining factors is the subject line. 

A well-thought-out email subject line can encourage a reader to open the email, but if the recipient doesn’t, the information you are trying to send just sits idle on the information superhighway. They have to click on the email to receive the information. So, how do we get people to click on your emails?  

An email subject is a lot like the title of a book or movie, and a well-written subject line can draw the recipient in, forcing them to open the email to see what they are missing.

What makes a good email subject line?

Creativity and individuality can lead to an effective email subject line. The subject line for an email is very similar to a newspaper article headline. The headline of a news story is created to let the reader know what the story is about, and effective headlines can draw a reader into reading something they might not have normally read. 

The subject line of an email can do the same thing. By using several different ways to make the subject line more interesting, readers are more likely to click on the email.

Why is it so important?

The days of physically receiving junk mail in your mailbox are coming to an end. However, businesses now use email correspondence to send both necessary and unnecessary information, making it the new junk mail. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to determine what is important and what isn’t, and making your email stand out from the rest is crucial to communicating with your audience.

What are the 10 Tips to Write an Email Subject Line

What are the 10 Tips to Write an Email Subject Line?

We have compiled a list of 10 things you can do to make your emails more effective with great subject lines. The goal is to inspire someone to want more information, and when they click through the email it could land them on your website or encourage a call to action.

1. Air of Mystery:

Stirring curiosity with a subject line is very effective. The subject line could even be incomplete or a cliffhanger to create even more curiosity, making the reader want to know the rest of the story.

2. Time-sensitive:

 A sense of urgency is a great way to get a person to click on the email. A person is more likely to click if there is a possibility that they could miss out on something special.

3. Speak directly to the recipient:

 When you personalize anything, it is an amazing way to get someone’s attention. If a person’s name is in the subject line, and it doesn’t appear to be a “form email,” it is more likely they will click to read the email.

4. Education:

Offer a way to improve the recipient’s skills by giving them an “education” in a specific service or product. Any business would want to improve their skills in something that is important to them, and providing a way to hone their skill set could help them click on the email.

5. Implying a good story:

An implied story in a subject line that is relevant to their business can lead to a potential end user wanting to know more.

6. Fear of missing out:

 Business owners can often look back at opportunities that have slipped through their hands, and the fear of missing out is quite a motivator.

7. Numbers:

For some reason, numbers just seem to catch people’s attention better than words and letters. Numbers just seem to stand out and are often used in a list of rules or tips.

8. Ask a question:

Ask a question in the subject line and answer the question in the email. If the question is asked in the subject line, the reader must open the email to receive the answer. Ensure the question is relevant to the company and a topic your customer would want to know more about.

9. Strong verbs:

Using strong verbs is like calling a person to act immediately. So, it has a sense of urgency, too.

10. Emojis:

Emojis aren’t exactly professional, but adding one to an email subject line can get someone’s attention. The small digital image used to express an emotion can add a little more flavor to your subject line. However, be sure to know your audience and your brand to determine whether or not an emoji will be effective.

Is there a way to write the perfect email subject line?

The truth is… there is no perfect way to write an email subject line. Don’t strive for perfection. Find out what works and what doesn’t. You’re trying to stand out from the crowd but also appeal to a specific audience. The overall goal is to get the recipient to click on and open the message.

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