Testing and Optimizing

Always test the email before sending it out to the subscribers. It’s easy for small mistakes to slip through and these can harm the brand image and tick off the client or your boss. After all, customers won’t take the brand as seriously or find it reliable if there are glaring typos in the subject line.

Testing and Optimizing

Make sure the emails are edited and mistake-free

Before the email is officially sent out, have the copy proofread. Typos and misspelled words can make a brand appear uncaring or sloppy. If the reader is too focused on trying to decode nonsensical copy, then the intended result (increased sales, brand awareness growth, etc.) will be lost.

Also, keep an eye out for forgotten or incorrect links. One minor typo or mistake can break an entire link or send it to the wrong site/page. Likewise, be sure to check that the correct email list is selected to avoid sending it to the wrong target audience.

Finally, doing a test run of the email will also help to find any formatting errors. Sometimes, an email will appear different in preview than it does once actually sent.

what does it mean to test and optimize emails

Check the look and feel of the emails on desktop and mobile view

As previously stated, sometimes emails appear different in preview versus the official version for desktop or mobile. Double check the different versions to prevent the email from formatting differently.

Emails should be able to be easily read on mobile. After all, about 62% of email opens occur on mobile devices. Therefore, to have a successful email marketing campaign, the copy MUST be optimized for mobile devices.

A few tips to keep in mind for optimizing for mobile users include:

  • Make sure media loads easily
  • Limit formatting to single-column, no wider than 600px
  • Use small images to help with load time (<100kb)
  • Don’t place links too close together so that users accidentally tap the wrong one
  • Use large call-to-action buttons to make it easier to tap
optimizing and testing emails

Perform A/B tests

Unsure of which subject line to use? Don’t know the best day and time to send the email? That’s where A/B testing helps.

Running an A/B test allows you to discover which version of the email accomplishes the goal best. In order to do an A/B test, first establish what objective is trying to be accomplished. This objective could be opens, conversions, or even click-through rates. 

Timing also plays a large factor in how the email is interacted with. For example, one study found that Tuesdays have the best open and click-through rates for emails.

By performing an A/B test, you can optimize emails to achieve the best results possible.

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