Email Marketing Automation

Some aspects of digital marketing can be time-consuming, and finding a way to streamline those efforts can help make time for other projects. Email marketing automation is designed to simplify some of the most arduous responsibilities of modern marketing. Automation is all about automating repetitive tasks.

Email Marketing Automation
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Once the email list has grown to a certain point, scaling with autoresponders and email automation becomes essential. Autoresponders are useful for sending out automated emails that are personalized to different steps of the buyer journey. This tactic allows you to follow up with subscribers without worrying about having someone personally hit the send button.
For example, welcome emails are one of the more common types of autoresponders. Others include thank you emails after making an inquiry, downloading an asset, or placing an order.

Tips for marketing automation

Define your goals: Through research, use real numbers to justify an investment in a marketing automation platform.

Create process visualizations: Detailed diagrams are a great way to relay objectives and get your point across. This allows your organization to understand goals efficiently and effectively.
Collaborate: Make sure all teams in your organization are aware of marketing automation and get their input on any proposed campaigns.

Database segmentation: After collecting as much customer data as possible, determine your target audience and be confident to justify the “why” behind it.

Prepare your content strategy: Build your content library with timely and evergreen content, and publish fresh content as you see fit. Make sure you have the right content to reach all stages of the customer lifecycle – TOFU, MOFU, BOFU.

A slow rollout: Stagger your automated marketing launches. This will allow you to test at the start of the campaign and adjust as you learn.

Analyze as you go. To be successful, you can’t “set it and forget it.” You need to determine what is and isn’t working. Automation gives you extra time, which you can use to look into the analytics and make changes that will benefit the business.

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Getting Started With Email Marketing

When creating an email marketing campaign, the key factor to remember is personalization. Keep emails tailored to segment lists to ensure it meets their wants and needs at whatever stage of the buyer journey they’re in. Learn more about specific tools to use.

Personalizing the emails is the most essential step to helping any email marketing campaign be successful. Customers will find value in the emails and will be drawn to continue opening and reading the content. In turn, this will help to drastically improve any chosen metrics and grow the business.

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