Paid Search Campaign Creation With Google Ads

Learn how to create a paid search campaign through Google Ads with Search Hustle.

Search Hustle paid search campaign creation with google ads

At this point, everyone knows the unmatched reach and impact Google Ads can have. However, knowing this and knowing how to create a campaign are two different things. To harness the almost unlimited reach of Google Ads, you must create a campaign correctly. Here’s the information you need to create a campaign and get started.

why do a paid search campaign with google ads

How to Create a Paid Search Campaign With Google Ads

o get started, you’re going to need a Google Ads account. To get one, type “Google Ad Account” into your browser. The first page that pops up is the one you need, so click on it, and go through the steps to set up your account. 

Remember, the Google Ad account is completely free.

If you need to speak to a representative, you can do so by calling Google. If you already have a Google account, you’ll see a different screen. You can choose to use your existing Google account or create a new one. 

If you don’t create a new one when you click “get started,” it will move you directly onto the set-up page. Create a new account.

1. Create a new campaign and choose your goal

  • If you have just created a new account with Google Ads, we will now go into more detail about how you can start your campaign. If you’re using an already active account, the first couple of steps will be unnecessary.

Sign in to your Google Ads account
Click the “Campaigns” button
Click the “Plus” button for a new campaign
Select the goals for your campaign

Sign in to your google ads account

Sign in to your account, just like you would a normal Google account. You’ll find the option under a thumbnail image on the upper right hand side of your screen. Once you’ve done this, the page you’re looking at will change. You’ll have options on the left hand menu. This is where the next button you need will be found.

Click the campaigns button

On the left hand menu, click on the campaigns button. This will bring up a page that would list your existing campaigns, but of course, there shouldn’t be any in there right now.

Click the plus button for a new campaign

To add a new campaign, find the plus button. When you select this it will bring up another page where you will have some choices. This is how you start the campaign, again you always have the option of calling Google if you require assistance or want to speak to an assistant.

Select the goals for your campaign

The first question you need to answer is what is the main goal of your advertisement campaign. There are three options here, to get more calls, get more website sales or sign ups, or more visits to a physical location. It is very important that you choose the correct goal for your campaign because this is how Google helps get things going for your business.

Once you have selected the appropriate choice, there are additional questions to answer. For instance, if you select “get more website sales or sign ups” you’ll be prompted to answer whether or not you serve customers in your area. This is meaning geographical location, and you can choose whether or not you do or mostly focus on online sales. 

After this, you will be prompted to add the name of your business. Once you have put this in, you’ll be prompted to include the landing page of your website. Make sure that you put it exactly where you want customers to end up if they click on your advertisement. 

You can also select to create a campaign without goal guidance. While this is possible, it will prevent Google from doing some of the work for you. You should only select this if none of the other options have anything to do with your new ad campaign. Otherwise, you’ll simply be making more work for yourself.

how to create a paid search campaign with google ads

2. Select your campaign type

For our purposes here, we will focus on the three main types of campaigns that you may be undertaking. These are Search Network Campaigns, Google Display Network Campaigns, and Video Campaigns. Each one caters to a specific type of advertisement style and placement.

Select your campaign type

Now you will need to select which one of the three types you will pick. If you are mostly wanting to attract search traffic and are using text based advertisement, then Search Network Campaigns is for you. If you are relying on image based advertisement, and want it to appear on websites and banners, then Google Display Network is what you need. 

If you want to mostly reach out to those who are using YouTube or if you have video advertisements that you want to display, then Video Ad format is the perfect choice for your new campaign. There are advanced options you can select and go through, such as product placement ads or App campaign ads, if you are advertising for a new application.

Select a subtype, if necessary

In this case, you’ll have two main options to consider. Do you want to use the standard campaign subtype or one that utilizes all features? If you aren’t experienced with Google Ads, it is often more reliable and effective to choose the standard subtype. 

The standard subtype comes with all of the features you’d expect. It uses basic location and language targeting, as well as giving you bidding and budget settings. You’ll get common ad extensions provided for you, making it easy to get started. 

If you choose to have all features, you’ll have more customization, but also a lot more work ahead of you. With these features, you can go a step further. You could schedule ads to only show up when your business is open, for instance. Location and delivery method options also exist that you’ll have a choice of.

Click "continue"

Once you have selected your campaign and subtype, or just decided to have a standard Google Ad campaign, you can click continue. This will now put your new campaign into the active campaigns list at your sign in location.

A new page will help you select your settings, set up ad groups, and create ads

You’ll have a new page from where you can get into the details of your ad campaign now. This is where you can select and tinker with settings, you can set up your ad groups and upload or create your advertisements. 

Now that you have completed setting up your ad account, you will have to create ads and bid for the placement of those ads. Your new campaign will be off to the races in no time.

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