Intro to Display and Video Advertising

Display and video advertising doesn’t just drive awareness of the product and brand, it also engages audiences. Audio and visual information are more easily absorbed and understood than any other communication medium. Mastering display and video advertising will set you ahead of your competition. 

Search Hustle Intro to Display and Video Advertising

What is Video and Display Advertising?

Video and display advertising refers to ads on websites or YouTube that match your targeting criteria. This means your audience will get ads that pertain to them, and your ads will be shown to those who have shown an interest in your product or service. 

What is video and display advertising?

Set Campaign Goals

Before you begin any marketing campaign, it is imperative to set realistic and achievable goals. These goals, such as an increase in visitors, not only help show the campaign is working, they are tangible benefits to the business itself. You may have the perfect ad, but remember, be realistic with your goals.

Reach Out to Your Audience

You get to select the targeting and settings of your ad reach. That means you must choose properly, or else you will miss out on reaching important potential customers. Knowing your audience is essential, therefore, so the proper settings and targeting can be selected in order to maximize the impact of your ad campaign.

Choose the right tools for campaign execution

There are tons of tools you can use, from paid services to Google. Make sure that whichever route you go, you have all the functionality and tools you’ll need. This includes more than just audio/visual equipment and posting software. The wider array of tools at your disposal, the better off your campaign can be. 

Google, for instance, includes estimated reach with targeted display and video advertising. This allows you to have a better idea of how many people you’ll be reaching. Analytical tools go hand in hand with a successful marketing campaign; display and video advertising are no different. 

basics of display and video advertising

Optimize your landing page

An advertisement will bring people to a website. The page that it takes them to is known as the landing page. The landing page needs to be optimized for ease of use and speed of loading. If a landing page takes even a few moments to load, you are more than likely going to lose potential customers.

This is true for any part of your website as well. Don’t ignore fundamentals or design principles because of engagement with another aspect of a marketing campaign. Make sure the page that the ad links to is as optimized as possible for maximum impact.

Figure out what works and what doesn't

There will always be some trial and error when it comes to display and video advertisement. Looking at what others have done before is a great place to start, but never stop analyzing the results of your ad campaign. Pay very close attention to the analytics of each advertisement type and placement. 

If a certain type of advertisement is more effective, you can tell almost immediately. Discard or keep improving other ads that don’t work. This evolution will ensure you continuously improve your results. 

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