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Search Hustle Metrics and Performance

There’s no point in having content if the performance of that content isn’t tracked. Pay attention to the metrics of each post so that there is no doubt about how well it is doing, and with whom it is resonating. To do that, one must understand how metrics work.

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What Are Content Metrics?

Basic content metrics are data points that detail how a piece of content is being consumed. It allows the author or publisher of the data to track the performance of that piece of content. Let’s break down the specific metrics that are tracked to understand the performance of content and metrics in general.

1. Traffic

For those who are undertaking content marketing, traffic is one of the ultimate metrics to track. Traffic, in a nutshell, is simply how many people are viewing the content and the website that it is associated with. Traffic is broken down into several categories, which we will go over now.

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How many people are looking at the piece of content and who are they? We want to find out more about their behaviors. Where did the users come from, and where did they go once they viewed the content? How many are subscribers, followers, or repeat viewers, and how many are new to the site and the content offered?


This is just the raw number of how many people have viewed the page that holds the content that is being tracked. The higher the number, the more people have viewed it in total. This includes everyone, no matter how many times they’ve viewed the page.

Unique page views

How many unique individual views the piece of content has received. Instead of just tracking the page views, unique page views are only counted once for each unique access of that piece of content.

2. Sales or Conversions

An incredibly powerful metric, how many users viewed the article and then moved onto sales. This reveals to us the conversion rate, which is simply the number of sales divided by the number of total viewers. So if you have 100 users and 2 leads, that comes out to a conversion rate of 2%.

3. Engagement

A simple metric which judges how effective a piece of content is. This is how well the content is connecting with users and readers. The better the connection is, the more popular and engaged the users are who read the piece of content.

4. Social Media Engagement

In order to track social media engagement, take a look at how many likes, shares, and clicks the content is generating. This can reveal how much the content resonates with social media users, and how broad the impact the piece of content is having in relation to just how many have viewed it.

5. SEO Performance

This metric relates to how good the keyword usage is, and how that is helping to drive search results to your site. A piece of content that is new, topical, and relevant will have a higher performance. It must also have a good readability score. If all of these things are true, it can help translate into higher rankings on search engines and keyword searches.

6. Authority

This is the metric that represents how well the content and page rank with a search engine. Consider this to be how trusted your content and site are, and it is usually a score that is received out of a rank of 100. The best way to keep this score high is to provide regular, topical, and factually informative content. The higher the score, the better off the content is (Complete Guide to Evergreen Content).

Metrics Help Reveal Performance

Understanding and using metrics to the best advantage possible is necessary for success. Metrics (KPI – key performance indicators) are data points that illustrate performance of any campaign, action, piece of content or website. These are the data points by which all performance and user connection are viewed.

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