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Authoritative and informative content requires research

Search Hustle Content Research

If the goal is to answer the right questions and have the right content for the audience there’s going to be some research involved. When the words “content research” come up, sometimes it is easy to think of it as topical research, but in reality that’s not what content research is about.

What is competitor research

What Is Content Research?

Content research answers the questions about how the content is working for those who use it. It helps build understanding about who is using the content, and what place it has in their world. Content research looks at the hierarchy of content, tagging, and other internal processes.

The Process of Content Research

To begin content research, look at a number of articles or pieces of content online. This can be content that you have published or the top content generated by a web search. More than likely it will be both. Check for social engagement, and shares on those articles, see if they were printed out by users. 

Understanding how content is used and by whom is the goal here. There are a lot of tools that can help in this regard, but primarily it must be done with a clear and analytical approach. This is what helps develop the strategy that makes content the king of digital marketing.

Know your market

Knowing the market is incredibly important. Each facet of the market has different customers with different habits. Understanding the market thus allows for products to be sold that have a better chance of aligning with those who are doing the shopping, or your audience.

Know your audience

Knowing who they are, what they want, and even how much they spend is important. This can help tailor content and products to their needs and habits, which makes getting conversions and sales that much easier. What the audience wants to know or learn is important, for generating proper content to reach them.

Know your competitors

Who is competing for a share of the market? What do they bring to the table and how does the market react to them? It is possible to learn a lot of what to do and what not to do by doing content research of competitors. Plus, the more information available the more superior choices can be made.

Identify networks where audience shares content

Identify the Networks Where Your Audience Shares Content

Where does the audience being reached by the content created go to share this content? Which social media platform are they using? If this knowledge is gained, then much more directed content can be generated and targeted to where it will have maximum effect.

Identify Social Influencers and Backlinking Opportunities

Inside the network used by the audience, find out who the social influencers that are popular amongst the crowd are. Each area of a network has its own hierarchy and trusted influencers and becoming familiar with them is extremely important. 

Backlinking can help build an interconnected web of resources and websites that are already being used by the audience. This bolsters confidence in your products and also spreads awareness about the brand across the community.

The More You Know The Better You’ll Be

Simply having information is not enough, neither is just generating endless content. Content research helps us understand how to use and employ our content so that it provides maximum benefit for both the audience and any marketing campaigns that are underway.

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