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To run a successful content marketing strategy, you must know how to measure and optimize the content
Search Hustle Intro to Analytics

As content marketing continues to be the most effective method of marketing, finding the best way to measure the success of the content remains imperative.

No matter how in-depth the buyer persona is, the content-marketing efforts of a business will always have room for improvement. Going by traditional metrics like social shares or page views only provides a partial picture. To really dig deep and understand how effective the content marketing strategy is, you need to know how well the content appeals to the audience, whether leads are converting into buyers, and more.

That’s where analytics comes in.

What are analytics

What Are Content Marketing Analytics?

Content marketing analytics is the process and use of tools to evaluate the effectiveness and value of the content. More than that, it also allows you to identify current trends and patterns and enables decisions backed by data.

Why Is Marketing Analytics Important?

In this digital age, consumers have thousands of brands to choose from and are more selective than ever in what media engages them. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd and draw the interest of an audience.

If a brand wants to capture the interest of its target audience and have them become loyal customers, then the business must use analytics. Through analytics, a business can learn how to create the right targeted ad & content at the right time, on the right channels. By doing this, a business improves the odds of the consumer moving down the sales funnel.

What you can do with analytics

What Can You Do With Marketing Analytics?

Analytics can help a business better understand what goals its efforts should be achieving and how well those activities are performing. Ultimately, a business should be able to leverage analytics to show both qualitative and quantitative results.

A few examples of what a business can do with content marketing analytics include:

  • Understand the target audience in greater detail
  • Identify current trends and predict future trends
  • Discover content gaps to exploit
  • Measure whether blog posts are driving conversions
  • Find out the best day of the week and time of day to publish content
  • Uncover SEO opportunities

In the end, content analytics is there to provide data to a business so that it can better decide what future course of action to take.

3 Tips to Marketing Analytics Success

With so many different tools and metrics out there for content analytics, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. However, there are three broad steps a business can take to help ensure the best return marketing activities:

Be balanced in your analytic techniques

If a business wants to get the most benefit from its analytics, it needs to take a balanced approach. That means that analysis should cover the past, present, and future.

By analyzing past data, a business can understand what strategies or campaigns met or fell short of its benchmarks. This allows a business to learn from the mistakes of the past and find ways to improve.

Analyzing the present also provides valuable real-time data. By keeping an eye on the present, a business can remain fluid and easily adapt to an ever-shifting market.

Finally, analytics can also play a part in informing for the future. By using data-driven predictions, a business can prepare for a market shift and influence trends.

Know your capabilities and fill in the gaps

It is vital for a business to stay in tune with where they currently stand with analytic capabilities. Most businesses are working within a budget and may not have all their bases covered. By doing audits, a business can discover where the gaps are and begin to come up with a strategy to fill them in.

Use what you've learned

A mountain of data is meaningless if a business doesn’t choose to act on any of it. Businesses should use analytics to help them test and learn, improving the overall performance of their content marketing strategy.

Analytics Are Essential for Success

Analytics is a valuable means by which a business can measure the performance of strategy. Through analytics, a business can learn how to improve the ROI of its overall marketing efforts.

Using analytics is an indispensable process that will help a business be more efficient and make a bigger impact with its content.

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